This week I interviewed J Jesus Perez Gonzalez! He is a third year here at California State University of Long Beach pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering. J Jesus seemed to be a very outgoing person and very interested in his career choice. He has high hopes of graduating in three semesters, which is pretty awesome. At the moment, J Jesus is working at the bookstore on campus. He says it is the perfect job to have while focusing in school because it’s on campus and easy to get to!

J Jesus went to high school out here in Long Beach so is pretty familiar with the city. This is where he met the love of his life, also another fellow classmate of mine. They recently got married late last year and look happier than ever. J Jesus dream job is working for Dell or Apple. By the way he talked about it makes me believe he is capable to do it!

During his feel time J Jesus says he loves to just relax and go out with his wife. They don’t have free time often so they take advantage whenever they can. Meeting J Jesus was overall pretty cool, mainly because I felt he understood the struggle of becoming an engineer. He really motivated me to never give up. Thank you and wish you nothing but the best with your marriage and career!


Serena Carvajal


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