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This week I interviewed an awesome guy named Eduardo Catalan. He is a second year and lives in the huge city of Long Beach. He was born in Mexico and has lived in California for 14 years. Eduardo went to a local High School in Long Beach called Cabrio High which was awesome because he lived really close to it and always walked. Now he commutes everyday to school and says he hates the traffic in the mornings. It makes him get up about an hour before he really needs to and forces him to be at school about an hour before his class even starts. That must be terrible for Eduardo because he works as well.

Eduardo is currently working at McDonalds and is going to school full time. His major is Math, which seems quite difficult. I felt like I related to him on that one. Mainly because since I’m majoring in Civil Engineering I have to take a lot of math classes also. His dream job is to become a teacher. To be more specific, he said High School Math teacher because throughout High School he always had amazing teachers that were good to him and wants to continue spreading the love. He says that’s why he loves math so much, because all his teachers taught it in such a fun way.

Although Eduardo is constantly busy with either school, work, or homework he always makes time to spend with his family. He has two sisters and one brother that are all younger than him. Sometimes he says it’s hard on him because all his brothers and sisters look up to him. He feels like he has to try his absolute best just to be a great role model which can be extremely stressful.

Meeting Eduardo this week was great. I hope nothing but the best for him and his future endeavors! It was nice meeting you if you’re reading this.


Serena Carvajal


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