Lizbeth’s Creation

1.) Using a ruler, draw a straight line on a blank piece of paper

2.) Draw another line, making sure both lines touch at any point.

3.) Continue this, each new line touching the last

4.) Stop drawing lines once the page looks evenly covered in lines

5.) Open Pandora Radio- choose shuffle station

6.) Start to study

7.) Every time you choose to skip a song, fill in a random shape with circles

8.) Every time a song plays that you like, shade in a random shape completely

9.) Repeat until you finally remember everything you are studying for.


So this is what I came up with. This procedure was pretty difficult for me. Mainly because I do not like to study with music. I tend to not concentrate. I still liked the art behind it so I still gave it a try anyways. Instead of studying I did some of my math homework that wasn’t that difficult. At first I was liking every song and my sheet of paper was only filled with shaded sections. After about an hour, Pandora started playing horrible songs! I started skipping every other song!

This procedure was pretty interesting because it showed me how many songs I like and disliked in about a 2 hour time period. I thought that was cool. I thought her steps were really clear and helped you create something super neat. I think I would do this again when doing some simple homework so it bring a bit of excitement to it.

Thanks Liz!

-Serena Carvajal


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