My classmate interview went pretty well this week. I got to meet Guillermo Vargas, which started off pretty awesome because I learned we knew a lot of the same things! We’re both majoring in engineering and were both from around Long Beach. Although Vargas commutes from Compton it is pretty close so I would still consider it. He has also graduated from Saint John Bosco, which my cousin graduated from as well!

During his high school years he played baseball and wrestling. He loves to workout and is currently training to gain some muscle. During high school he said he weighed about 130 pound and now weighs about 150 pounds. Last semester Vargas would go constantly go to our school Rec Center, but now says it gets too hectic for the times he is available from him to workout. He is still trying to keep the process going so he recently got a membership to 24hr fitness. I mentioned how expensive those memberships are and he said thats one of the reasons why he has a job. He says if he didn’t have a job, he never would have got a membership there in the first place. Vargas, in my opinion, works at one of the best burger chains in all California. He works at In n Out! They are super quick and want everything perfect, he says. He works at the South Gate location taking care of customers and stocking ingredients.

Not only does Vargas work and go to school, he also enjoys hiking and nature. When he’s stressed out, and working out isn’t cutting it for him, he says he drives down to the beach. He enjoys laying down and sometimes taking a nap on the sand. I really enjoyed interviewing Guillermo Vargas mainly because me helped me understand the importance of relaxing.


Serena Carvajal


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