IMG_3930 Marty Knop is one of the most interesting artists I have interviewed. His exhibit had such an interesting name I cannot even pronounce it. It is called Icosikaihenagon, and was mostly a printing exhibit. He loves math which was pretty exciting to me because I love math as well! Its crazy to think you could contribute math into art by not only shapes, but formulas. He stated, “When you know a lot of math, you can turn it into a lot of different things and make new stuff using it as an element.” I thought of this statement to be very interesting because I never would have thought that math and art could go hand and hand.

He uses a computer program to create his art. He wanted to do something and express math in an artistic type of way. Which I thought was pretty cool. Knop says that because there are infinite solutions for infinite math problems, it becomes necessary to have a database for them. He started out experimenting with simple geometric shapes such as triangles and used mostly black and white color. He started using random patterns because he says they are much more interesting than say a checkerboard pattern.

Knop says that a lot of his viewers do not comprehend what his art means or what is the story behind his masterpieces, but he says thats the point. He wants his viewers to think outside the box. Even though many of his pieces do not necessarily have a specific meaning he like them to continue to think. Marty Knop was one of the most interesting and smartest artist I are interviewed. He helped me understand more about the different types of art I never even thought of. IMG_3931

This was my most favorite piece from Knop. I believe mainly because during high school I created something ever similar to this by using newspaper and colored construction paper. I cut them into triangles and put them together making a rectangle. I also love this piece because of its color and sharpness.

Thanks Knop,

Serena Carvajal


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