This weeks activity was quite difficult. I could not come up with anything that would make sense. After thinking long and hard about this procedure I needed to create, I thought of this little dance that I would constantly do as a child. It was originated with my older cousin being a cheerleader growing up. My family and I would always go to her performances and I absolutely loved watching her. Since I lived across the street from her, I would go over and watch her practice with all her other teammates every other day. After watching her for so long I would come up with my own moves and this is what I came up with.

               Dance/Workout Procedure 

  1. Stand on your toes and look straight forward.
  2. Lift your hands up to your head as if you are doing a sit-up.
  3. Take one step forward (still on your toes) with your right foot.
  4. Repeat Step 3, but now with your left foot.
  5. Repeat Step 3.
  6. Repeat Step 4.
  7. Extend right arm out.
  8. Extend left arm out.
  9. Put both arms back to your head.
  10. Rotate 180 degrees to the left.
  11. Repeat Steps 1-10 5x and put some rhythm into it!

After repeating this procedure my results were that it turned out to be a type of work out. As I did it longer and faster I began to sweat and become tired. Not only did I get tired I looked like I was actually doing a dance. If you put your own rhythm to it, it could look quite entertaining. My roommate and I started doing it as a type of workout for a bit by playing some dance music. My procedure is not the most complicated, but it did work out as I planned. This activity was different and a bit difficult for me to understand. It helped to understand the skills you need to create algorithmic art. I will definitely try this again!


Serena Carvajal


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