My friends and I had a lot of fun working on this activity this week. After going to the art galleries on Thursday we decided to just carpool down to the nearest beach and get this done. I did not think that I would have had that much fun.

I first started off by digging a hole in the sand. That time of day the tide was really high and was only getting higher so we needed to work fast. I wanted the sand to be pretty wet, enough that it was able to keep the mold of my foot pretty well. After I made the hole I put my foot in. I wanted my mold to look as if I was putting my foot into a high heel. I believe it came out like that too. The hardest part of this process was trying to take my foot out of the mold because I patted all the sand against my toes. I did this because I wanted to try to show as much detail as possible of my toes and toe nails. After removing my foot multiple times from the hole, because I wanted to get it perfect, I started to make the plaster. The mixture was two parts plaster and one part water which was extremely easy to remember. I notice that the plaster did set quickly. I mixed the mixture until it was as thick as pancake mix then rapidly poured it into my mold. As it was slowly setting I covered it softly with sand so it could have the sandy look all over the foot. That ended up becoming a problem toward the end..

As we were waiting for our castings to dry I started doing a footprint and a heart with the left over plaster. It was difficult because the plaster was basically drying more and more every second. The only thing that came out was the heart and it did come out awesome though. Since the tide was creeping up on us we were nervous that the wave was going to ruin our castings so we started to dig a barrier. As we were doing that a huge wave came through and completely covered my buried foot. The wave made the sand completely smooth again and I lost my foot! I was determined to find it because I knew I did not bury it far and it had to be close to my footprint and heart.

After searching for 15 mins carefully, not wanting to destroy my foot, I found it! I was sitting on it for the first 10 minutes of searching. I was glad that I did not break it from my weight. Also I absolutely loved how it came out. It was extremely messy, but I loved every second of it! I definitely would do this activity again. It helped me appreciate the art of plaster casting.

Below I have a video of myself going through the whole process. Hope you enjoy and try this out someday.


Serena Carvajal


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