For my weekly interview with a classmate, I interviewed Summer Morgan. Summer is a very interesting girl. It is her first year at CSULB and says she absolutely loves it here. The only thing is that she lives quite far and misses her family and friends back home. Her hometown is Orcutt, an hour or two away from San Jose. When she said where she is from I got really excited only because I have a lot of my friends from there. One of my closes friends that I met from CSULB just moved out there as well.

Since her hometown is so far she has to live in the dorms. She says she does not like living there and wishes she could move back home. Personally I think that the dorms are amazing only because I have met so many people over here. She says that she is not that close to her roommate because she is really quite and shy. Also meeting people at school in classes can be difficult because she mainly has huge lectures. I asked where was her dorm and it turned out that she lives literally two doors down from me in the Los Cerritos building. I was truly surprised that she lived so close to me and I never knew.

Summers is majoring in Sociology and plans to work as a social worker. She is not 100% sure that is what she wants to do. She says her main goal in her career is to help others that do not really get help offen. For example, felons and drug addicts. Summer says, “I just want my job to be interesting and fulfilling.” I thought that was pretty awesome because I do not normally find people wanting to work that field. Also in her spare time she does a lot of studying and homework which is an obligation here at CSULB.

Lastly, Summer explained to me how she tries not to focus her whole life around school and tries to have a little fun once in a while. She loves to go to the beach. The only downfall she has over here is that she does not have a car. Every weekend she says she wishes she was able to drive herself there. On some occasions she does take the bus though.

Every time I interview someone I try to get something out of it. This time with Summer I realized not knowing 100% what you want to do with your career is okay at this point in my life, as long as I pursue something that makes me happy.


Serena Carvajal


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