For my weekly interview with a classmate, I interviewed Rogelio Avina. Rogelio seems to be an intelligent guy. It is his 2nd year at CSULB and says he absolutely loves it here.  He lives quite far, about 2 hours away in Lancaster. When he said where he is from I got really excited only because I have a lot of my family from there. They also graduated from the same high school, Little Rock! Rogelio was extremely active in high school. He ran track all four years and did shot-put as well. He also played soccer. One time during a game, one of his teammates stepped on his foot with their cleat. Man, what he described to me was awful. His whole big toe nail came off without him even knowing it. He said that he felt his sock soaked and decided to check it out, and then he saw, his sock drenched in blood. When he took the sock off the nail went along with it. He said that was the most painful experience he has ever encountered. I believe him too.

Since his hometown is so far he has to live in the dorms. But the dorms he lives in is quite far as well. He lives at the Beachside dorms, which is about a mile away. I personally would hate that, only for the fact that he has to wake up extra early for classes just to make the bus to go to school. Another thing we had in common was our major. We’re both majoring in Civil Engineering! I thought that was pretty awesome because I don’t normally find people majoring in that field in this art class. He says in his spare time he does a lot of studying and homework which is an obligation  here at CSULB. Especially majoring in engineering.

Lastly, Rogelio explained to me how he tries not to focus his whole life around school and tries to have a little fun once in a while. He doesn’t only focus on his studies, but also loves to go to the beach. He said last semester almost every weekend he would go to the beach just to relax with his friends. He also described to me his passion for cars and how much he loves to work on them. I like to hear how he can manage his time and still do the things that the loves.

Every time I interview someone I try to get something out of it. This time I was lucky with Rogelio. He really helped me to understand just because school is my main priority right now, I still can make a some time for myself.

Serena Carvajal


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