My favorite artist of the week was Michael Rollins. My decision to choose him was purely off of his amazing paintings. All of the different colors and textures really caught my eye. It helped stir up some of my emotions and in some of the paintings I felt a meaning behind it. Usually with such abstract work I find it hard to relate. I really enjoyed how you can see every stroke he took to the canvas. Rollins inspiration comes from his environment, such as music, surroundings, and words of wisdom. 

When he first started at California State University, Long Beach he primarily focused on drawing based painting. As the semesters went by he got into the MFA program. Since then, his art has improved by a long run. He is now attending Grad School and is meeting other painters that have helped him become confident with his work. Grad school was also a huge step for Rollins because now he can dedicate most of his time to focus on furthering his career.
IMG_3717This painting was one of my absolute favorites. It is called “Slippery Gateway”. Before even knowing it’s name I thought of a tunnel of some sort. A gateway to something fiery or evil. It reminded me of the ocean with a giant whirlpool sucking things into something frightening. I loved the texture on this piece as well. I believe Rollins has great potential and I wish him nothing but the best on his career. Thank you Michael for presenting such abstract paintings.
Serena Carvajal

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