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This is my cognitive map and it portrays my everyday encounters with the CSULB campus.

The Walter Pyramid is what caught my eye when first coming to Long Beach State. When I first moved to Long Beach I was in awe at the sight of this thing. In some parts of the city or even on the freeways you can see the pyramid. This building as most people already know is to be our school’s gym. This is where we have all of our sporting events such as volleyball, wrestling, and of course basketball. This gym is extremely popular it can seat about 5,000 people. Also it was named in honor of Dr. Mike and Arline Walter after they donated $2.1 million.

HominginD2002Over the summer I worked at The Port of Long Beach as an intern. I worked in the new building which was located right beside the Long Beach Airport. Everyday I would see these planes passing by and see the beautiful CSULB Walter Pyramid in the background. The best thing about this building to me is when telling people what school I attend they already know what I’m talking about based off of the Pyramid.


Like I said earlier, one of the reasons why I chose CSULB was because of its beautiful campus. During middle school and high school I visited the campus and each and every time I fell more in love. Now that I actually come here the only thing I would ever change is the parking. Since I finally have a car now I feel the struggle of trying to find a parking. Even though I live in the dorms, most weekends I leave to visit my family. When I come back, that is where I can’t find any parking spots in the lots near my room. Sometimes I have to park at Parkside which is really a long walk to my dorm.

Also I would add some more parking structures. I say there should be one near the back of the library. Most nights there is a lot of people in there and most of them are parked across the whole campus. When they are finished with their studying they have to walk in the dark to their cars across campus, which can be very scary and in some cases dangerous. I believe many people would agree with this change. Although I dislike the parking at CSULB most of the time I still believe it is one of the more nice Cal States out there.

I have uploaded a quick video as well of my daily routine walking back to my dorm! Hope you enjoy. Sorry for the bad quality..

Serena Carvajal


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