This week I interviewed Priscilla Lopez. I actually went to high school with her! I never really new her, but I knew she was one of my best friend’s sisters. Turns out that we had Spanish together!! We never talked or even knew the other one existent. This shocked me because I was always really social in the classroom and always tried to talk and meet new people. Priscilla did graduated one year before me so maybe we just weren’t in the same social group. She is a second year here at California State University of Long Beach. Her original plan was to get a degree in Health Care Administration, but now wants to change to Business Administration. This slight change in her career path is because she feels that she can do a lot more with this degree whether than only health care. She likes how this degree is more broad in the terms of getting a job in the near future.
On that note Priscilla now is working here at the school and also at a clothing store in Seal Beach. The clothing that she sells is pretty pricey too. She got her sister a jacket for $60 and that was 50% off! That’s $120, I mean to me that’s pretty expensive. The jacket was cute though… LOL
Besides Priscilla working hard working she is working hard in her studies. On her free time she says she enjoys hanging out with her boyfriend of one year and a half and when she’s not, homework and studying is her life.
I am supper excited that I interviewed Priscilla Lopez this week and only wish to have met her earlier! She represents it all, managing her studies, work, and a boyfriend.
FUN FACT: She used to be a red head!

Serena Carvajal


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