Bryan Davis was an extraordinary individual. This is his 4th year at CSULB. He has basically been all over the world. On April 2nd he will be moving to Italy and seems to pretty trilled about the whole thing. He also loves Greece and the island life. North Korea was the first place that he visited and says they have the best organic foods out there. This trip actually was the first thing that inspired him to start all of this. Going to North Korea, he says, brought value to his life. His main thoughts on juicing is that is helps us by boosting us up when we’re ill or when we have low energy.

Davis seems to be very unafraid of living his life which most people should. He’s extremely open with himself and strangers which I believe to be pretty incredible. His passion for the art of juicing is what really got me to believe this man is awesome. The way he explained to the group about how great these juices are for us. For instance he explained the amount of water you consume in different types of fruits and vegetables. Also how the nuts are a source of “fatty goods” for our body. He has such incredible enthusiasm for grocery shopping and became an expert on knowing great prices on foods when he sees it.

He not only makes great tasting juices, but makes the cups to hold it. The cups that I drank out of was a beautifully crafted ceramic cup. It looked a bit worn down, but I believe that is what he was going for. Anyways let me go back to the juice inside. Watching him make this would have you mind blowed and a bit disgusted. His combination of the fruits and vegetables were weird to say the least, but it tasted fantastic!

Davis seems to me to be really good friend to have and live life with. His exhibit was is so different from the others and creates an awesome environment for people to actually interact with the art one has. I wish nothing but the best to him on his next endeavors. GOODLUCK Bryan!


Serena Carvajal


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