Kylie Louthan! Part Scottish and part Spanish. Kylie is a first year 18 year old film major at California State University of Long Beach. She commutes from the city of Stanton, which is located by Knott’s Berry Farm. Usually when I interview someone they approach me, but this week I wanted to do something different. I wanted to go up to someone and introduce myself. I saw Kylie from far away, she looked pretty shy and not really looking for anyone to approach. She was just standing there. After finally meeting her my my thoughts of her not being so outgoing were wrong.
Kylie explained to me how she loved to edit videos. She likes to film too, but editing is her passion. When she gets her degree she wants to be a film editor. Even though editors don’t get recognized as much and the job is extremely time consuming, Kylie says it is her passion and she can’t wait to work in her field. And she says she doesn’t like the attention anyways. She also has been working at her local movie theater. She’s worked there for over TWO years! For her age I think that’s pretty awesome. Some of Kylie’s hobbies are playing the bass guitar! What?!? I was shocked by that one. I never imagined her to play bass. Now I know never judge a book by its cover..
In high school she said she played tennis and really enjoyed it. She wishes she can play a CSULB, but is just to much over whelmed with her studies. She does get her exercise in though, walking from lower to upper campus and back.
Kylie is the only child in her family. I asked her what was the pros and cons to this. She first said she loved being spoiled, which explained the beautiful $1000 camera she had.. I was jealous. The only thing she hates is how over protected her parents are. She says in high school her parents literally never let her go out. She would stay home with her two cats, Chloe and Josie. LOL I used to do that too.
It really was a pleasure to meet Kylie Louthan. I always learn something every week and this week was to never judge someone’s appearance. I thought this girl was shy and quite but man did she blow my mind.

Serena Carvajal


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