This week’s activity was pretty awesome! I actually went all out on this one. My roommate has a ton of great special effect makeup so she attempted to create a slit throat. It wasn’t extremely realistic, but from far we made it work. Man was it a lot of fun. At first I tried going for the old Hollywood murder type sernio, but throughout the photo shoot it kinda failed. It’s way harder than it looks. The hard part is trying to bring your ideas to life. I give                    phototogerfers and models props for knowing how to paint the perfect picture. I started off by curling my hair and trying to make it full of volume, but it didn’t work out as I planned. I took the pictures out on the empty fields by Bellflower and Beach Drive. After I took them I found out that those fields are Indian burial grounds which freaked me out a bit. I mean I was pretending I was dead where dead people are buried..

Anyways this activity was intense. At the end of the photo shoot my roommate and I just started to pour the fake blood all over me. I felt kinda gross after. Also I got some narly stares too, walking to the fields from the dorms a lot of people looked confused. It was funny freaking people out. If I could do this activity all over again I think that I would practice being dead a little bit more. I mean, I seriously didn’t look dead to be honest. When I showed my mother the pictures of me she said, ” Why are you laying on the grass? Did you fall or something?”. It was a bit disappointing. LOL Even though I think I didn’t portray this Marilyn Monroe murder type scene I did have a lot of fun working with all these different type of ideas.

I wish I would’ve dead a bit more graceful..


Serena Carvajal


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