My weekly interview was with Dorothy McMahon, AKA Dot. Dot is 20 years old with a birthday on November 7th. She is from Northern California, but was raised in Connecticut till the age of 14. Now, I think driving to Vegas from Long Beach is far, imagine driving across the entire state. She explained to me how awful it was. It took almost 2 days! Man, this girl was full of surprising surprises!! haha

She started talking about how she has been vegan all her life…SAY WHAT?! I know that was my expression when she said it! I mean she’s never tried meat or milk or fish or CHEESE! Words cannot even explain how in awe I was. I give her props. My first thought was, and it might have came out a little weird, but I asked, “why??” She then went on to explain that both her parents were vegan and she just grew up with it. They both are naturopathic doctors, in a way that explained it all. She has only one brother that is too, a vegan. He is two years older than her and goes to UC Santa Cruz. She calls her family the vegan family, which I thought was funny. Her family has three dogs, one of them is hers. His name is Tofu. It’s sweet huh? I asked since you don’t eat any animal products, what can possibly be your favorite food? She said it was kale.. It might sound not so pleasing, but the way she described preparing it, sound quite delish. She says she cooks it in olive oil and garlic, all ready my two favorite ingredients, then uses a type of spice depending whether the kale is bitter or not. I mean it sounds appealing. And plus I would imagine she says fit!

After I was already amazed with her, she then went on to tell me she’s going to be studying abroad to Hamburg, Germany next fall. Her high school had many international students and her best friend happened to be from Germany. She was so excited that she is going to see her best friend again. Although I just met her, I am truly happy for her and all the experiences she is going to encounter. Dot is one diverse young women and it was very exciting to meet her.

Dot if you are reading this, I hope to keep in touch!


Serena Carvajal


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