This week I interviewed Christine Fuqua! She must be the most patient person I have ever met. The piece I found most beautiful is the wooden table above. It was my style. The table was edgy and cool. The energy this gallery gave off was exciting and fun, I think because of the wood pieces. This table took her about three semesters to complete. It’s hard to picture someone working on a table for 9 months! It was difficult for her to start this project and seemed to be extremely complicated. The materials she used were plywood, staples, Gorilla glue, and a gallon of wood glue which seemed surprising. She did fight through and now says if creating this amazing work of art again she would finish it way faster.

Fuqua says this is her passion and I can definitely relate to her. When I was in high school I loved my wood-shop class. I was seriously thinking of going down the same path as Fuqua. Fuqua is majoring in studio art and is interested in working in industrial design. She said she wants to make things from sculptural to functional. She says that a lot of people have awesome ideas, but never think they are able to create it. She believes it is her duty to create these ideas. Fuqua plans on working with a company designing and creating furniture. Then later she would want to make her on line for herself. Her motto is anyone can do it, all you need is one person to put your name out there. One great creation can create a life time of success.


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