Wow was Riviera’s work unique! When I first looked at his piece I didn’t know what to think of it. To me all it was, was a square piece of wood with a string coming out of it. It had no meaning. Then I tried to think outside the box, I thought more abstract. As I stayed in the room longer I began to feel his piece.

IMG_3377As the black light shinned onto his art, I started to think of these squared pieces of wood as a family, a family that sets your future. Like a traditional family, already planning out what their son or daughter is going to become. Having the stress of family looking down on your every move, represented by the black light. Also the string ripping through, to me, represents the child breaking through the family and becoming an individual. Though my idea was a total theory, I then began to talk to Rivera to seek some answers.

Rivera is 25 years old and is an art major at CSULB. He said he started off drawing as a child, but never thought of becoming an artist. His parents weren’t so enthusiastic about the whole thing either, mainly his mother. This particular piece was just an idea he had, but he never took up on it. He started this piece in early December after the Fall semester ended. He had family members and friends all involved. They helped him create those 2×4 square pieces of wood with the string coming out. Rivera said the meaning of it was to represent how vulnerable we are when we give things. When he told me this, he didn’t seem too confident in his answer so I don’t really know what he meant by it. When asked the question again by another person he started to explain how it represented following your own path and own light. After that, I now believe to know where he was going with this piece. I related to my own thoughts. I believe Rivera has great potential and can really succeed as an artist. It was interesting interviewing him.


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