Marisol Lopez! Marisol is currently a freshman at CSULB. She is living on campus enjoying the dorm life while studying to become a mechanical engineer. Marisol attended Jordan High School in Long Beach where she was part of LB Running Club. Throughout the course of three years Marisol ran FOUR marathons. WOW, I know.. and that isn’t even close to the amount of half marathons and 18 miler races she ran throughout that time. After I stood there in awe, I asked Marisol, were all of those runs worth it? She responded, “Absolutely YES! No regrets! It was a small price to pay for the feeling of accomplishment.” She then went on explaining how every mile she ran during her training was worth it. After her first marathon she felt like she can accomplish anything and I believe she did. (Running four marathons and such) The only downfall to her story is now, she doesn’t have any time to train! She still goes for a jog every now and again, but it is difficult because of her demanding career path. Majoring in engineering is a difficult goal to reach, especially in mechanical. It is also something that is not commonly found within women. Being an engineering major myself I know how awkward it can be, being the only girl in a class of 30 students. Marisol is dedicated to push through all the obstacles that come her way. She thinks of it as taking one mile at a time.
The fact that this girl has ran more than one marathon shows that she is extremely dedicated and strong willed. I believe without a doubt that Marisol will accomplish her aspirations and become such a strong individual. I was am very delighted to have met this young women named Marisol. IMG_3351[1] 

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