What an amazing artist Josh Benz is. Josh is only 27 years old and has created such outstanding masterpieces. He started drawing when he was in community college. He now is mostly doing oil painting. Josh has a figurative style, but now is starting to try to become more abstract and trying to add a little more color and expression into his work. I can relate to his work on many levels.


This piece stood out most to me. It is called “Are you lonely?”. I was amazed with how lively he made this drawing look. I was constantly looking back and forth at him in awe, saying to myself “IT LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM”. Josh said he was going for the more laid back approach and wanted to be a little bit funny with this piece. I believe it was. This took him about 8 long hours he said. Since being in college and moving away from home I have had many lonely nights where I can relate to this drawing. He is partying with stuffed animals, I mean how much more lonely can he get. I thought it was hilarious how each stuffed animal has their own shot of vodka. This drawing really portrays how lonely he really is. His clothes are off because no one is around and there seems to be a type of social media on in the background computer which I believe shows he’s so bored he’s stocking people’s profiles. Only by looking at this drawing I can definitely tell that Josh has unbelievable talent. I always love to see aspiring artist display their work. I love to see their reaction when people give them great complements. I wish nothing but the best to Josh Benz on all future projects and hope he really makes it far. He has incredible pieces this far, I could only imagine what’s up next.


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