Instagram is a widely known social media network used my millions of people all around the world. Everyday people share pictures that the rest of the world can see. In this weeks activity, posting pictures on Instagram as our “group portrait” helped me connect with my classmates. Though it was quite difficult for me. I’m not one to post my everyday life on social media so I had to make that extra effort. There was one particular picture that I found interesting. It was the post by “sonygore”. It is a picture of a sunset with silhouettes of palm trees. This image caught my attention because it captures the beauty of nature. It also makes me feel excited because it makes me look forward to summer. The palm trees and the sunset both convey the typical scenery anyone would experience at some point living in Southern California. I have lived in Southern California my entire life. Seeing sunsets, palm trees, and being near the ocean is something that I have learned to embrace and love. I first started using Instagram my sophomore year of high school. It was very popular and everybody I knew had an account. At first, I didn’t understand the purpose of the social media and how it was any different than Facebook, since you could post picture there as well. However, as I began to acquire followers and followed other accounts, I began to connect with people. For instance, since I’m really into cats, I found other cat lovers that shared photos and videos of their cats. Which was pretty awesome! People that use Instagram use it to share their lives through pictures. Many post their talents like professional pictures, or pictures of their hobbies. This allows millions of people to connect and build relationships through finding common interests through posts. Instagram is now part of the worlds daily routine.


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