This is Alexx Dunk! (Such an awesome name right?) She’s 22 years old and a 4th year at the amazing Cal State Long Beach. She recently got engaged with her best friend of 3 years and looks incredibly happy. Alexx is originally from sunny San Diego and surprisingly loves to snowboard. She also loves to skateboard. Alexx loves skateboarding so much, she broke both her wrist, TWICE! Of course she still boards, but man, that is some true dedication right there. She also went on telling me how she is training to run a half marathon. I encouraged her to reach that goal because being a marathon finisher myself, I know how amazing the experience could be. She seems to enjoy being active and the outdoors. Hiking is one of her favorite hobbies, besides breaking wrists… If I could describe this girl in one word it would be, “determined”. Her major is Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Wow, I know. By only talking to her for a couple minutes I saw how motivated she is to accomplish her goals. Alexx even said, “I used to live in the library.” Her passion for school even helped me step up my game! Last semester I didn’t do that well and Alexx, with everything she is doing, made me realize I need to start pushing myself a little harder to actually finish my degree. Alexx Dunk without knowing it, is a role model. I am so happy to have interviewed such a sweet, smart, and very talented person.


Serena Carvajal


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