When most people think of “graffiti” or “tagging” they don’t think of how much culture it can bring to their community. Today I finally got to experience this amazing skill for myself. I never thought of how difficult it can be. Though I only tagged my name with a couple different colors, I learned to appreciate such a skill. IT IS HARD. I had to do it a couple of times to get the hang of it. My boyfriend’s niece is an amazing artist. She goes by the name”ZAPP”.She uses many of her ideas to show her creativity and one happens to be graffiti art. Once I told her about my art project with spray painting she definitely wanted to get involved. Her specialty is creating stencils. Since today is the beginning of Black History Month she was inspired to create different stencils of significant people in history. The first was of Jackie Robinson, the first black baseball player in Major League Baseball. The second, was one of the first black female singers, Billie Holiday. She made these stencils out of plastic folders. How amazing is that! She then spray painted them with a white paint on a piece of card board. By watching ZAPP create her masterpiece was an art in itself.  By watching her I learned that one color of spray paint can give you many shades. The further you hold the paint away from the desired destination the lighter it shows up. The closer, well, is the opposite. After today’s self teaching of “how to tag” I will now appreciate the graffiti on walls and building.


Serena Carvajal


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